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Hey there! My name is Ryan Curtis and I'm a film editor.

When I was a toddler my parents couldn't find me a babysitter, so they did what any responsible guardians would've done... they brought me to my first Saturday matinee... Tim Burton's Beetlejuice.


That first encounter with movie magic exploded into a lifelong passion that had taken me from acting to art direction to producing. I even gave music a shot as a singer-songwriter. But that hectic vagabond existence became hard to sustain. I needed to refine my focus.


After soul searching and strategizing my next step in a new direction, I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to work on one element of filmmaking. I wanted to work on them all, but that didn't seem possible... until I discovered the joy of editing.


Since that time, I've earned my B.F.A. at the Academy of Art University where I majored in editing, while simultaneously starting ScreenDrifter Productions -- my freelance post production company. It's a small outfit, consisting of myself, my two canine assistants: Oreo and Wilbur -- and our quality control de-purr-ment: Stella and Poe (always critical, always judging). I don't know how I'd do it without them!

Being an editor has been the most rewarding avenue I've walked down in my creative journey and I'm excited for whatever future collaborations are on the horizon.